D.I.Y Terrarium Design – Totoro & Friend (Day 1)

Today is 2nd days of Chinese New Year 2015. As usual being adults have nothing to do. HA!!! So I decided to take 1 of my custom made glass to made a Terrarium for myself and also evaluate the grow of the plant using Tissue Culture(TC). This type of TC plant is use widely in aquatic plant. I just convert them to terrarium since is easy to handle and ship to my customer that interested in this hobbyist and it’s clean.

First select a glass shape that you going to design. I choice a Tingle Shape Glass. Please refer below picture of material need to prepare.


Starting from the Top(left). 1. Glass , 2. Wet Sphagnum Moss, 3. Big Pebble, 4. Ryu Rock, 5. Dragon Rock, 6. White Sand, 7. Totoro&Goat, 8. Scissor, 9. Straight & Curve Twizzer, 10. TC Plant – Riccia, Glosso, Hair Glass & Alternanthera Reineckii (Mini)

Step 1 – Place Big Pebble on the bottom of the glass & follow by wet sphagnum moss



I use dragon rock for this design because my Ryu rock to big for the glass. I intend to put some wood but no stock such small size. Need to made some restock after CNY.  Please refer below arrangement that i have made. Follow by planting TC plant on the wet moss.



Just made sure you gently put down the plant to the wet moss as show on below picture


I use only Glossostigma & Riccia – TC Plant



After complete just spray some water on the glass and plant to get them moisture. Don’t put at direct sunlight please take note. For 3 days just put them on shade area with some flounce light. The best condition is put near the window glass where have sufficient light.


Just spray water everyday to the plant and made sure the bottom moss is wet but not over wet. Base on your own environment and evaluate the number of days before water the moss. Every 2 week need to put some water fertilizer. I think easily get on the plant nursery. I use Baba Organic Indoor Fertilizer.

Hope you all will try it out. Easy to D.I.Y.

IAPLC 2014 Results of my work call “The Dream”

The Dream is my creation work for IAPLC 2014. The story begin. The biggest problem at that time was sourcing a good material such as wood and type of rock going be use. Luckily the rock part was able to get locally. ADA rock look more natural compare to other type of rock for my option that suite my concept layout.  I get the wood from Bangkok when i was there on Sep 2013 and able to get a good river wood from the local wood vendor at Cha Tu Chat market. To be frank there have a lot stuff suitable for aquascape compare to our local vendor here. So sorry to say step by step photo mission in loss. Haiz. If later i found somewhere i will share to you all.

Below picture when i was in Bangkok trip the mission to source good material.



Below picture was taken for IAPLC 2014 submission without any editing.   At that time i tell my friend my first target to get below 500 place luckily i able to achieve.



Tank Specification

Tank Size:- 60cm x 45cm x 45cm, Soil : ADA Amazonia, Light: Dymax Rex 4 (4xT5 14W), Rock: ADA, Wood: River Wood, Plant:- Coral Moss, Willow Moss & Bucep.




IAPLC 2014 – Photo Sharing

I think most of the social media is circulating photo on IAPLC 2014 photo. So I take this opputunity to share some of the top 10 ranking photo to you all. The rest of the photo you can refer link below. Congratulation to Gregoire Wolinski (France) in wining this 2014 IAPLC competition. I will share my entry for 2014 to you all soon. Please stay tune and enjoy.


1908443_994342733925093_4661593418145878182_n14014_994342737258426_2335149881572641363_n 1794600_994342760591757_5252324698706095834_n1535515_994342767258423_9083815644530868995_n1486646_994342777258422_5418526712952206710_n10378061_994342790591754_2797252749082404120_n11359_994342810591752_8959913571282102868_n10359238_994342823925084_2112691944089803629_n540403_994342837258416_8063286918844662981_nFB Link that share more photo.



Marmorkrebs – Crayfish

I would like to introduce AF crayfish breeding program. This breeding program was started around Aug14 and now is time to launch to market. Hope to get support from you all. Thanks in advance.

Below “Quote” is from CrayfishTank.

Self cloning: A concept often used in science fiction. In fact self-cloning or the process of parthenogenesis occurs in some creatures known around the world. The term parthenogenesis refers to the process of asexual reproduction where the embryo requires no fertilization. Creatures which possess such ability range from the Whiptal lizard(Cnemidophorus neomexicanus) to Belts-ville Small White(BSW) Turkeys! Offspring from parthenogenesis acquire all of her mothers genetic material.

With that we introduce our friend; The Marbled Crayfish aka. Marmorkrebs. They are the only decapod crustaceans known to man which produces via parthenogenesis. Little is known of its origin when it was uncovered in a fish store in Germany during the 1990s. All Marmorkrebs are female and will require no mating to breed. They grow from birth to adulthood(full size) within 5-6months. It can reach lengths of 4-5.” They are able to breed around the age of 4-5months. The more mature they are the more babies they are capable of carrying. On average they can carry 100-300 babies during each birth period. Once Marmorkrebs reach breeding age they will continuous breed(if environment permitting) about every 8 weeks. This rapid growth and reproduction rate promote Marmorkrebs as an excellent source of live feeders to carnivorous fish. Owners should caution that they are never released or exposed to the outdoors. Their habits make them potentially invasive to local water sources.

Marbled crayfish(Marmorkrebs) is truly one of the most uncommon creature that you can actually keep in your freshwater aquarium.

Wikipedia link

Below are some of the photo would like to share with you all. All photo is taken on our breeding tank. Please enjoy.

marmokrebs-crayfish-af-aquaticforever-breeding-10 marmokrebs-crayfish-af-aquaticforever-breeding-06






Caring Egg



Breeding Tank Info

Soil-ADA , Filter – T-Sponge ,

Other info:- Need to create a lot of hiding place.

Interested in buying marmokrebs please free to Whatapp me at 012-5533791 or email me at :- aquaticforever@gmail.com.COD and postage is available. I will soon uploaded to Online Lelong store. Thanks.

Air Plant

Being some time again and again i have not being updating my blog. Today i was free from dating so i have some spare time to do it. HA!!!. Today i would like to share a plant call Air Plant. I come across this plant from my friend nursery that is the main also a main distributor or this plant. So on that time around Aug i started to do some basic research and care of air plant and later found that it was easy to take care and with minimum maintenance. Please refer below a few link that I think is useful for beginner.

Share useful link

1. Air Plant Tillandsia 

2. Air Plant Care

Hope above link is useful to you all. Currently I have brought in 11 to 12 species of air plant in single plant and clump size plant. Below are some of the photo capture.





Tillandsia-ionantha feugo

Tillandsia-ionantha feugo-af-aquaticforever

Tillandsia-bulbosa Tillandsia-bulbosa-air-plant-af-aquaticforever





Tillandsia- Ionantha-Rubra

Tillandsia- Ionantha-Rubra-air-plant-aquaticforever-af-plant

Tillandsia ionantha-Fuego

Tillandsia ionantha-Fuego -Single Plants









If anyone intereted in getting the plant please go to AF Online Lelong. More species is coming time to time. Thanks for viewing.

Client Rescape Tank 6 July 2014 – Relaxing View Of Nature

Just would like to say thanks to my client Mr.Lau for continue support and letting me to share the rescape tank picture. The first tank was also rescape at year 2013 just forget which month. Mr.Lau started approach me on mid of Jun 14 to say he would like to change a new tank since the old tank already being service for around 4~5 years and it time to change a new one. Second requirement was changing a new layout and recycle back all the wood, rock and plant in the old tank. Lastly was relocate the new tank to new location base on feng shui master advice.  The next step as usually is to come out with the proposal for Mr.Lau to approve on the overall concept layout approach before our team execute the project. Please refer below picture on the old tank layout and proposal that we send to the client for approval. I also would like to say thanks to Yu Hua on helping on this rescape project since my partner Douglas was in US at that time.

photo 2_1

photo 4_1

Proposal send to our client





After obtain approval we will arrange the best time for the work to start. Since Sun my client shop was close so it’s the best time to start since our client in hurry to get it done. HA!!!. The project was officially started on 9am on 6July2014.

Remove all the plant, live stock, rock and wood before removing all the soil.

photo 1

The client is checking the new tank position

photo 2

So sorry for not taking step by step photo because we was always thinking of getting the jobs done in time lucky we manage to get it done on time. From 9am to 7pm tough jobs lucky the clients join the process. The client was helping sorting out the plant to be use on the new layout and break into small portion so that is easy for me to plug into the location being assign. Below are the finish layout and tank specification.

photo 4

Tank Specification

1. Tank Size:- 90cm x 45cm x 45cm

2. Filtration :- 2 hydro and 1 Ehiem Classic 600

3. Chiller :- Hailea Brand

4. 3 led fixture DIY with red, white and blue color + Glo 3F fixture

5. Soil :- ADA Amazonia II

6. Plant:- Fern, HC, Downoi, Eriocaulon.sp.Vietnam, Bolbitis heudelotii & Eriocaulon sp. Japan


Happy reading.


Terrarium Craft By AquaticsForever

Is a long time that I haven’t update my blog. Calculated from the previous post is around 2month. Very sorry. Today I would like to introduce a new hobby of mine and will be releasing a series of product to our online store soon. It’s a DIY idea to reuse back their glass bottle to made terrarium for western country that i think is suitable to bring this concept to Malaysia. This concept also will help to promote reuse glass bottle. We hope to achieve reduce, reuse & recylce. Currently very famous in Hong Kong & China. So I would like to share some tutorial on how to make your own Terrarium Craft.

AF have prepare a standard packages for DIY material for Terrarium Craft consists of Organic Soil, Rock, Charcoal & Dried Moss.


First step – Put in the rock for the purpose to store water so that don’t need regular water spray to the plant. At less 20mm thickness.

The second layer will be putting in the charcoal.

Follow the 3rd layer is dried moss or sphagnus moss. Just lay a thin layer will do.
The last layer will be the soil. AF is providing organic mix soil (rich humus, burnt husk, burnt soil, river sand & coco peat) that suitable for indoor plant subsrate.

To decorate my Terrarium I use small rock, ornament, catepilor moss & fittonia. If you don’t have sufficient light you need have a led light.




Happy DIY

Client Tank – Hidden Treasure

Last week 8 March 2014 was another busy weekend for me and the AF team again. A yearly rescape project for my client for year 2014. Last year the theme was Bonsai Tree and this year the Theme is Hidden Treasure. The client imagine that the hidden treasure will hidden on the tree truck with full of gold coin cover with plant. No rock.  My client doesn’t like rock.  This was the input from our client.  When the project official kick off the most challenging task will always be searching for material for the theme. We spends almost 2-3week just to search for the material at our LFS at Penang. Lucky with their support finally our team manage to find the material we are looking for.

Before Rescrape Tank – The best photo I can find on my mobile.


After recscape picture that i have capture during the setup. Sorry for the poor quality photo since i was capture using my mobile phone. HA!!

Material preparation – Filter we have change from Tetra Brand to Eheim Classic 600 due to wear and tear from the Tetra Canister. Change a new Tank and introduce new wood. Reuse back the soil & rock since the soil is just 1 years old. Still in good condition.

Tank Setup Specification

Tank Size – 90cm(L) x 35.6cm(W) x 48.3cm(H)

Lighting – Aquazonic T5 x 4 (39W x 4) 12000K ( 1year old)

Filter – Eheim Classic 600

Plant use – Alternanthera Ficoidea Red, Rotala Vietnam, Micanthemum.Sp aka “Amano pearlgrass”, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, Hair Grass, Flame Moss & Hydrocotyle Leucocephala.

Plant prepare

Plant-Preparation-Tressure-Chess Plant-Preparation-Tressure-Chest

My lunch box. Lucky my team remember to buy for me. Hungry until can not work. Lunch time

Prepare the Canister by adding Eheim Media + ADA Bio Rio 1L


Our Team Member (Douglas) is setting up the Base and Soil

Setting up the base tank

Hard Scrape Layout for Hidden Treasure


Hidden tressure-hardscape-02



After being approve by our client and perform minor adjustment finally customer was given the team green light to proceed for the next stage is plant planting. Below are the outcome after the plant is layout.




Is time to fill up the tank & start the filter engine…. The water is still look cloudy but will be clear after 24hrs.




Final photo was taken before we leave. It take our team almost 7hrs to complete the tank. Hard work… Will post more updated photo after our next service when we introduce fish and shrimps to the tank.


Stay tune.

CMAC Thailand 2013

I had capture below CMAC Thailand 2013 picture last few month ago but no able to share the actual link to you all. Thailand aquascaper is getting better and better due to there are activity such as this that improve themselves and sharing with each other. I hope Malaysia one days will organize such activity. Hope you are enjoys. Here is the forum i capture from Aquac1uub.net.